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ToS OVA Trailer 3

I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but just today the 3rd trailer for the OVA has been released!! No Teth'eallan's yet, but you get to hear everyone else speak. I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting more and more excited! Anyway, here's a link to it. Let me know if it doesn't work.

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Ahahaa and Dirk's in it! Lloyd's voice sounds so weird to me since I'm used to the dub. XD

But it looks good! Thanks for sharing!
I know, Dirk is freakin' awesome!

No problem. I like to spread the love. ^^
Awesome!!! That's awesome, awesome! I can't wait!!!!
OMGGG~ I'm so excited!! *Q*
And I freaked when I saw Dirk [YAY DIRK]
..Lloyds so hot in the anime XD;;
Oh god, I know. Dirk freakin' rocks.

And everyone is hot. I can't wait to see Zelos!
there was no zelos. but dose any one know if they are going to release it here in the us or if some one is going to translate it with subtitles.

There's no Zelos yet, but I saw the voice actors for Zelos and presea listed, so at least we'll know they'll be in it.

As for the US release, I imagine it'll take a while. XD Probably until until next year or the year after at the earliest. But it comes out in Japan in June, so I'm sure someone will buy it, sub it, and upload it.

I'm hoping at least.
me too tales of phantasia was done like that. I still haven't watched it. I dled it put it on a dvd and its waiteing to be watched. and I've letit sit for a year. but I really want to see tos. maybe I can get one of my friends from japan to send me the dvd if I send her something in responce.