a regular decorated emergency. (darkenedsakura) wrote in meltokio,
a regular decorated emergency.

Beta hunt

Hey. Hm, apologies if this isn't allowed. I'll delete it if it is. Absolutely none of my friends are into ToS, and I have fic coming out, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in editing anything? It's for tos_100, and so far they're mostly Sheena-centric drabbles with dashes of Lloyd/Sheena and some pre-series Zelos/Sheena, though I don't think the latter's so blatant. I guess there could be other pairings in there, somewhere or another. In addition to the drabbles, I think there'll be a 15-part longer fic as well, to fulfill the choice themes.

So, if anyone's interested, that'd be great. And if anyone doesn't feel like editing but wouldn't mind just babbling over fic ideas and premises (because I have no one to bounce ideas off of when I'm stuck), let me know.

Thanks :D
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