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For the Sport of It

Please read? I'm new to this community but I'm no stranger to yaoi. Please R&R folks!
Title: For the Sport of it
Words: 5,261
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: ZelosxLloyd
Warnings: uh...yaoi much? spoilers in the third chapter when I get around to it
Summary: Women have become too easy a target for Zelos the eternal lady's man. With no challenge left in seducing women Zelos takes to seducing men. Namely Lloyd on a fateful short stay in Altamira. ZelosxLloyd. Yaoi.

For the Sport of It

A Tokyo Kitty Production

Disclaimer: I do not own Tales of Symphonia. If I did…I think I wouldn’t change it very much other than giving Yuan a bigger part…(I say this while writing a fic he ISN’T in….lol)

A/N: This idea that popped into my head basically out of nowhere. Mostly it’s in response to all the really serious ZelosxLloyd fics out there. Sure, they’re fun and some of them are good…but Zelos strikes me as kinda a goofball who takes very little seriously. (Of course this is a huge ruse, I’m well aware of all of his internal problems) But Valentine’s Day always puts me in a silly mood as opposed to a serious romance mood, hence this fic is born. ‘Course, since it’s V Day today this’ll undoubtedly be late. Oh well, didn’t really have a obviously Valentine’s Day theme anyway so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Enjoy anyway

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“So…you guys wanna to go to that play later on?” Genis asked looking up from the sand castle he was building on the beaches of Altamira to the group who sat only a short distance away on chairs and towels laid across the ground.

“That sounds like a good idea. We are staying overnight anyway, might as well, enjoy it a little longer.” Raine said, nodding in agreement with the ninja from her chair next to Sheena.

“Do you want to come with us Lloyd?” Colette asked. She had been helping Genis with his sand castle and as she stood, and brushed away the sand that had stuck to her swimsuit.

Lloyd opened his eyes to find Colette staring down at him completely filling his line of vision. He had been lying on a towel as well, relaxing in the warm sun but still listening to the conversation. “No thanks. I’m kinda tired; I think I’ll just head back to our rooms and relax later.”

“Awww….come on Lloyd don’t be such a spoil sport~” Zelos crooned sauntering over to the group. “Where’s your usual love for fun and adventure?”

Lloyd sat up now from his previous position, a somewhat bemused scowl on his face. “If my memory’s right, it’s the same play that was playing last time we were here. And if I know your usual love, the only thing you’d be looking forward to in going to that play is the thrill and adventure of skirt-chasing.”

Zelos looked hurt for about a split second before crossing his arms over his bare chest and assuming a rather belligerent stance. “I’m so hurt. To think the only thing you see in me is that?” Zelos went on, his somewhat angry expression molding into a smirk. “....That’s only the tip of the iceberg Lloyd.”

Lloyd looked taken aback for a second but tried to not let the latter part of the statement phase him. The moment was saved by Genis who once again said “So…the play then?”

“It sounds like a fine idea to me.” Regal commented from a spot in the shade of an umbrella. Presea who was sitting also in the shade nodded her consent.

“Well then it’s settled!” Sheena said standing up from her towel and stretching.

Colette walked up beside her looking up at the older woman. “Then shouldn’t we be heading back to change and have dinner before dark?”

Sheena never got a chance to answer that question as Zelos came up behind them both, filing the space between them, one arm draping over each of their shoulders. “Well, I guess if two of my favorite hunnies are going you can count me in to go ♥”

A vein in Sheena’s forehead visibly throbbed and her hands made fists. “No one was asking for your opinion….IDIOT CHOSEN!” She yelled the last part and half the beach turned to stare as she spun around, facing him and smacked him hard across the face.

“NOT THE FACE!!” Zelos shielded himself with his hands but was just a tad too slow for Sheena’s reflexes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lloyd let out a long sigh closing the door that led from the bathroom and into the main room of the suite. Granted, there was one nice thing about traveling with the Chosen of Tethe’alla. No matter where they went with just a casual smile from Zelos they were given the best room in any hotel or inn.

‘Especially if the innkeeper happens to be female…’ Lloyd mused with a slight grimace at the other’s antics.

His wet hair clung to the back of his neck and looked less spikey than usual after having taken a long bath to wash out all the sand that had clung to his body from being at the beach all day. Now he was clad only in his black tank he wore under his red shirt and his usual over sized pants. Lloyd walked through the room and onto the balcony, out into the salty, cool night air which chilled his wet hair pleasantly. He let out another pleased sigh, leaning against the banister of the balcony looking out at the island city at night.

His thoughts drifted from place to place with no real direction or purpose. He was glad he’d agreed to this much needed vacation with the others. Their adventure had gotten more complicated and trying than Lloyd could have ever dreamed on that day he and Genis had began their journey following Colette out of Iselia and into the desert. Things had seemed so much simpler then. The journey of Regeneration…and then everything in Tethe’alla…and now there were the problems with Kratos-

“Brooding again? Man, it really doesn’t suit you to be this reflective.” Zelos seemed to appear out of nowhere beside him, leaning against the banister as well.

“Where’d you come from? I thought you went to the play with everyone?” Lloyd asked, somewhat surprised at the redhead’s appearance.

“Ahh…you were right, I’d seen that play before…and I kinda think Sheena would kill me if I messed with her anymore today.” Zelos shrugged nonchalantly.

Lloyd shook his head and chuckled lightly. “Yeah probably….” Lloyd answered for no real reason at all. They stood on that balcony for a few minutes with the sound of the ocean creating a calming but still rather awkward silence. “Well I think I’m gonna go to bed now anyway.” Lloyd said pushing away from the banister and turning to enter the suite again.

“Funny, that’s just what I was thinking of doing.” Zelos said rather darkly under his breath.

Lloyd still heard it. “What was that?” He asked flopping down on the rather extravagant four-poster bed adorned with thin silks wrapped around the posts that moved lightly in the sea breeze with a rather noticeable thump. Lloyd stretched and folded his arms behind his head again.

“I said I was thinking of doing the same thing.” Zelos said louder this time but still rather quietly. He sat down on the bed next to Lloyd soundlessly.

“So uh…shouldn’t you change for bed then?” Lloyd asked more to fill the void once again and shake the strange feeling of Zelos staring at him with a sly look.

“Oh so you want it that bad? Well if you insist…” The answer seemed oddly displaced to Lloyd who began to respond with a confused ‘what?’, but even Lloyd’s enhanced reactions couldn’t preempt the redhead from rolling over onto him, half resting on the bed half laying on top of Lloyd.

“What…what are you doing Zelos?” When Lloyd had finally regained his voice Zelos had already shifted to a better angle, now leaning over Lloyd’s shorter frame, one leg in-between Lloyd’s with the other planted on the ground supporting his weight.

“I would think that’d be fairly obvious even to one as dense as you Lloyd.” Zelos said, his voice dipping lower than Lloyd could remember ever hearing it. Lloyd was once again jolted out of his state of shock when he felt the silky wetness of Zelos’ tongue licking lightly at his neck.

“Whoa!....Zelos, get offa me!” Lloyd demanded, using what little leverage he had to push at Zelos’ shoulders eventually forcing Zelos away from his neck.

“What’s the problem? You’re the one who asked for it…just look at your face!” Zelos retorted, standing back up in front of Lloyd who was splayed rather precariously across the bed, legs dangling off the edge of the bed onto the floor.

Lloyd wanted to ask how the hell Zelos figured he had ‘asked for it’ but all that came out was “Did I miss something here? I thought you were into girls.” He asked confusedly.

“Ah yes…I could see how you might think that…” Zelos seemed thoughtful for a moment one arm crossing his chest while he massaged his chin with the other. Lloyd concluded that Zelos’ reaction did not make him feel any better. The brunette had very little time to think about it before Zelos suddenly moved, circling the bed to the other side. “I see how you might think that because that’s all you personally see.” He explained sitting down on the bed. “You have to understand that chasing women is something of a sport to me. I know it must sound awful to you…” he removed one shoe, “but I must say it gets a little boring.” He removed the other. Lloyd was rather transfixed by Zelos’ explanation and sat up, pulling himself fully up onto the bed and sitting cross-legged on it.

“You see Lloyd…there’s no more sport in it.” Zelos flashed Lloyd what could only be described as a dangerous looking smirk that made the brunette blush again for no apparent reason. Lloyd gave no verbal answer so Zelos continued on removing his gloves and throwing them to the floor with his shoes. “All I’m looking for is a sort of challenge. And…no one ever said that challenge had to be found exclusively in women.” Zelos now moved in for the kill noticing the rather dazed and confused expression plastered on Lloyd’s face. He moved, barely disturbing the bed to sit behind Lloyd, his skinny, lightly callused hands sliding around Lloyd’s waist.

“You, my dear swordsman hunny, have presented just that challenge.” Zelos whispered against Lloyd’s throat before brushing brown locks out of the way to lightly latch onto Lloyd’s ear.

This action seemed to once again shake Lloyd out of his stupor and he moved his hands to push Zelos off again but the redhead was faster this time, grabbing Lloyd’s wrists in his hands and holding them tightly. Lloyd struggled another minute against Zelos’ ministrations fighting back a groan when the redhead sucked lightly on his earlobe. “Zelos...stop it! What exactly are you- trying to do?” Lloyd got out between breaths to control his reactions.

Zelos actually stopped and pulled away slightly giving Lloyd an incredulous look. “You’re kidding, Lloyd. Isn’t it obvious?” Zelos asked one hand leaving Lloyd’s wrist to play lightly with the hem of the thin black tank top. He leaned closer to the brunette again whispering in his ear, “I’m trying…to seduce you.” Zelos’ warm breath tickled Lloyd’s ear and other places that Lloyd decided shouldn’t be thought about. In that brief moment of control that Lloyd was trying to hold onto Zelos slipped his hand fully under the shirt, splaying his hand over the brunette’s chest instantly shattering his control. Lloyd let out a long moan, slumping against the touch and he could almost feel the grin that was plastered to Zelos’ face.

Zelos shivered as well at the sound that escaped Lloyd’s mouth relishing the sheer pleasure that emanated from it. ‘So worth it…’ He smirked against Lloyd’s skin.

“That’s more like it. Now, just relax…we’re on vacation, remember?” Zelos added the last part with a hint of sarcasm, letting go of Lloyd’s wrists to better position himself sitting behind the other swordsman.

“What about the others….the play?” Lloyd barely got out as Zelos had now moved both hands under his shirt, one hand tracing the light definition of Lloyd’s chest while the other absently traced a nipple.

‘Definitely progress if he’s only thinking about things that would get in the way.’ Zelos smirked again, kissing Lloyd’s neck affectionately. “Don’t worry about it.” He said casually, moving his head away from Lloyd’s, his arms unwinding to rest lightly on Lloyd’s partially exposed hips. “I left when the play was just starting…they’ll be gone for a few more hours.” Zelos squeezed the brunette’s hips instinctually and was unexpectedly rewarded with Lloyd turning his head and craning his neck to place a chaste kiss on Zelos’ cheek.

Zelos genuinely smiled at this and shifted his position a little bit to give Lloyd better access and kissed the other directly on the lips. It started out pretty innocently; Zelos didn’t want to scare him away now that he’d finally cornered Lloyd. But, when Lloyd leaned in a little further, pressing his back insistently against Zelos’ chest the redhead deepened the kiss instantly pushing his tongue against Lloyd’s still partially closed lips.

Lloyd was still new to the whole sex thing or any part of anything mildly sexual really, and the awkward angle of Zelos sitting behind him made the kiss messy with their tongues sliding against each other at odd angles. Zelos seemed to pick up on this and reluctantly pulled away from the kiss, moving around Lloyd to be in front of him. The brunette almost instantly lay down and Zelos was rather surprised to find Lloyd submitting so openly after his struggling.

“You’re sure you’re okay with this?” Zelos asked out of the blue, hovering over Lloyd. It took the other a moment to realize he was being asked a question and when he did he was slightly confused.

“Since when does my consent matter to you? A minute ago you were perfectly fine with holding me down.” Lloyd seemed rather annoyed and Zelos was taken aback by the answer.

Dealing with all shock the way he usually did, Zelos rolled with the punches. “Geez Lloyd, I’m surprised you’d think that of me….’Course I care. I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt you….” Lloyd looked serious for a moment so Zelos changed his tone. “Plus, where’s the sport in it if I can’t even get you to want me~” he added albeit a little sarcastically.

Lloyd flashed Zelos a withered smile. Not really wanting to answer in words, because it seemed too much like something a real lover would say and the young swordsman wasn’t quite ready to wrap his head around that one. So instead he opted to lean up on his elbows and kiss Zelos again drawing the redhead down on top of him. As Lloyd had wanted Zelos took this as a cue of consent and began kissing the brunette with new found passion, letting on exactly just how wanting the whole seduction phase had left him. Lloyd moaned gratefully into the redhead’s mouth, wrapping bare arms around Zelos’ neck.

Zelos’ hands snaked back under Lloyd’s thin cotton shirt again, running light touches up and down his sides. The brunette groaned into their kiss, grabbing handfuls of the pink sleeveless coat Zelos was wearing, drawing the redhead ever closer. The movement caused Zelos to collapse on top of Lloyd, their hips crashing together harder than he’d meant to. Lloyd groaned partially from the pain of having Zelos’ full weight thrown on him.

The redhead quickly sat back up, straddling Lloyd’s hips in a kneeling position. He shrugged off the sleeveless coat, throwing it to the foot of the bed. He then rolled completely off of Lloyd, landing with a light thud on the bed next to him. Now, Lloyd sat up looking confused. Zelos caught this and stretched languidly and flashed Lloyd a look that couldn’t be explained as anything other than sexual, his hands folding casually behind his head as a support. “Well?” He asked even though the question had no real meaning Lloyd seemed to understand and climbed over so now he was on top of Zelos.

“That’s right baby….” Zelos said quietly, his hands roaming Lloyd’s sides again before settling on the younger man’s hips. The redhead tugged at Lloyd’s shirt getting it as far as his shoulders before Lloyd took the hint and removed it the rest of the way. Zelos’ eyes roamed Lloyd’s chest for a moment which made him slightly nervous so the brunette leaned down to kiss Zelos again. The kiss resumed albeit more timidly because Zelos had given control of the kiss over to Lloyd so he could better concentrate on exploring Lloyd’s skin. Becoming frustrated with Lloyd’s gentle style the redhead broke the kiss leaning up a bit to nip lightly at Lloyd’s neck. He let out a whispered cry and Zelos applied pressure to Lloyd’s back with his hands bringing the other to lay flush against him.

Zelos smirked lightly against Lloyd’s skin; his fingers lightly toyed with the top of Lloyd’s pants near his butt. Not knowing exactly what to do with his hands Lloyd ran them through long bright red locks of hair that were splayed across the pillows. Zelos pulled back, away from Lloyd’s neck, looking the other in the eyes. He gave Lloyd a confident smile which the brunette returned with a sloppy looking grin. Keeping eye contact Zelos thrust his hips upward into Lloyd’s crotch. His eyes snapped shut at the unexpected friction and let out a long cry. Zelos continued to grind against him as Lloyd’s breathing was reduced to breathy pants.

“Ugh….Zelos, please…stop.” The brunette moaned into the pillows over Zelos’ shoulder. The redhead stopped, pushing Lloyd off of himself until Lloyd was lying on his side on the bed.

“What’s wrong? Do you want to stop?” Zelos asked simply, but true concern covered his features as he looked at Lloyd.

“No it’s not that it’s just….” Lloyd stalled a bright blush spreading across his face. Zelos resisted the incredible urge to smirk at the others blush and kept a serious face. “It was…too good.” The blush seemed to get ten times worse and Zelos could even feel a little heat rushing to his own face.

“Do you want more?” Zelos asked casually, pushing lightly on the other’s hip until Lloyd rolled over onto his back. Lloyd nodded lightly and mumbled something and Zelos thought it best to not pursue what the brunette had said and instead straddled Lloyd again. His hands went to the fastenings of Lloyd’s pants, the entire time watching Lloyd’s face to make sure he didn’t freak.

‘Definitely a virgin…guess I shouldn’t rush any of this then.’ Zelos thought, his hand undoing the buttons on Lloyd’s pants while he leaned down to kiss Lloyd.

Lloyd met him halfway, leaning up on his elbows to meet Zelos’ lips. Knowing that he didn’t have half a clue of what to do Zelos immediately took control of the kiss and instead took to coaxing Lloyd to take control by moving his tongue inside the brunette’s mouth and then withdrawing until Lloyd tried to kiss back just as strongly.

In this way Zelos finished undoing Lloyd’s pants and pulled them down to his knees. His hands returned to the brunette’s waist, one hand toying with the elastic of Lloyd’s boxers while the other gently massaged his crotch through his underwear. Lloyd moaned Zelos’ name throwing his head back against the pillow with eyes scrunched shut. Hearing his name moaned like that went straight to Zelos’ ignored crotch and he let out a low growl-like sound pulling the boxers down and gripping Lloyd’s now bare hips.

Lloyd’s eyes cracked open slightly with enough time to see Zelos scooting down his body and latching on to a nipple. There was a sharp intake of breath and Lloyd snapped his eyes shut again bringing one hand up to his mouth to hide his harsh breathing. Zelos continued to move further down until he reached Lloyd’s navel. His touches stopped altogether and Lloyd opened his eyes. “Why’d you stop?” Lloyd asked.

“Do you want more?” Zelos answered Lloyd’s question with yet another question.

Lloyd threw his head back against the pillow in frustration. Zelos’ more gentle side that felt the need to constantly ask for consent was starting to drive him up the wall. “For the goddess’ sake, Zelos, yes! Please…just do something…I don’t even care what, just touch me.”

Zelos smirked again and sat up. Lloyd’s pleading tone was interesting to him and made his efforts all the more worthwhile. “Well since you asked so nicely I suppose I can…” He pulled Lloyd’s pants and underwear completely, throwing them onto the floor. Zelos smirked a little knowing full well that he himself was still completely clothed except for shoes, jacket and gloves. Lloyd seemed to finally notice he was completely bare now and blushed again, looking questioningly at Zelos. “Oh…you don’t know-” Zelos realized the other had absolutely no idea what was going on and for a second was utterly baffled at Lloyd’s previously sheltered lifestyle. “....Turn around on your hands and knees, Lloyd.”

Lloyd could hear the sound of metal clinking -Zelos hand taken off his belt, and then there were hands on his hips angling his butt higher in the air. Lloyd closed his eyes tight, expecting pain any second but was surprised to feel Zelos leaning over him, lovingly pushing hair away from his ear. “I’ll make it feel real good. Just trust me.” He whispered in Lloyd’s ear and the hot breath made Lloyd shiver. Zelos pulled away, kneeling behind the brunette. Out of his pocket he pulled a vial of oil and uncorked it, dripping some of the liquid onto his fingers. The vial disappeared back into his pocket and the hand that wasn’t covered in oil wrapped around Lloyd’s frame and lightly grabbed his cock. Lloyd moaned in reaction, sinking onto his elbows and knees, his butt now higher in the air.

“Just like that relax.” Zelos said quietly, slipping one finger gently into Lloyd’s entrance. As expected, he seized up right away and Zelos began slowly pumping Lloyd’s erection, trying to get him to relax. Lloyd let out a shaky sigh into the pillow and Zelos pushed the finger in deeper then began slowly drawing it back out. Before long the pain completely subsided and Zelos added another finger, scissoring the two to stretch the brunette.

Lloyd jumped again a bit at the intrusion and Zelos leaned back over Lloyd, nibbling on his shoulder. The move was coupled with a harder stroke and Lloyd moaned into the pillows again making Zelos smile lightly against the brunette’s back. The fingers were withdrawn and Zelos retrieved the vial from his pocket again, opening his pants he spread the contents of the vial onto his own erection.

“Such a beautiful body….did you know that Lloyd?” Zelos put the vial back into his pocket shoving his pants down. He continued, “such smooth skin…” running hands down and up Lloyd’s sides as he leaned down over the brunette. Lloyd felt the tip of Zelos’ cock rub against his entrance and he took a sharp inhalation of breath.

A hand brushed the hair away from Lloyd’s ear. “I promise you, this is going to hurt at first. But trust me that it gets better.” Lloyd nodded slowly muttering very quietly, “I trust you….Zelos.” Zelos smiled, a pained look crossing his face for a moment that he was glad Lloyd was faced into the pillow so the brunette didn’t see.

“That’s good.” He whispered slowly pushing into Lloyd.

And he was right. It did hurt. Lloyd whimpered into the bedspread, his eyes closed tight in pain. Zelos was at his shoulder again, muttering things in his ear half of which didn’t even sound like human language. Zelos continued to push further into him as Lloyd fought the immediate pain that followed. Once seated completely in the other, Zelos wrapped a hand around Lloyd’s erection again and stroked slowly. Lloyd let out a moan and lightly pushed back into Zelos’ hips and so the redhead started a slow pace to match the strokes.

This continued until Zelos was sure his control was going to snap. Lloyd was so impossibly tight and the redhead’s entire existence cried for release. “Please Zelos…faster.” The brunette said suddenly. Zelos flattened himself against Lloyd’s back, moaning his thanks and began a quicker but still gentle pace. The pain subsided quicker this time and soon Lloyd was pushing back against Zelos, breath coming in ragged pants. Zelos’ pace increased, moaning the other’s name in a continuous chant against Lloyd’s ear.

What Lloyd would have given to see Zelos’ face in the throes of passion. He tried to turn his head and his lips collided with Zelos’ cheek. The redhead noticed this and changed his position to bring their lips together in an oddly angled kiss. The change in position had caused Zelos’ angle to change and when he pushed into Lloyd again stars erupted behind the brunette’s eyes and he near screamed into Zelos’ mouth. A predatory growl escaped Zelos’ mouth into their sloppy kiss. He moved his hand to rub his thumb against the head of Lloyd’s cock.

Their kiss eventually broke due to lack of air and Zelos continued to thrust into Lloyd with force groaning his name against the brunette’s shoulder. The pleasure was getting to be too much for Lloyd and he made fists in the bedding moaning loudly, his orgasm coming in a single, powerful burst. Zelos rode out Lloyd’s pleasure, continuing to stroke the brunette’s softening erection. He reached his release with a shaky moan of his own, eventually slumping against Lloyd’s tired form, pushing the brunette further into the mattress.

He finally pulled out of the brunette falling to the side into the softness of the bed. Lloyd lay on his stomach trying to catch his breath but looking fully sated. Zelos was just tucking himself back into his pants when there was a knock at the door.

At first he convinced himself it was nothing, perhaps one of the many maids in the hotel. But then it came again accompanied by Sheena’s voice.

“Lloyd? Lloyd! Are you in here? The door’s locked from the inside…”

Lloyd sat up with a start and stared at Zelos with look of utter horror. Zelos’ face must’ve matched this expression before his cool smirk was plastered on his face again. “Don’t worry ‘bout it. I’ll cover this; you take your clothes and hide in the bathroom. Oh, lock the door.” Zelos said quickly and Lloyd jumped into action picking up his discarded clothing and running into the other room.

“I’m coming my dear voluptuous hunny~ Please, try to wait for me♥?” Zelos said in a sing-song voice. He could hear Sheena sputtering from the other side of the door. Zelos chuckled darkly, pushing the sheets back on the bed to hide Lloyd’s seed which was spread across the blankets.

He then walked over to the door trying to get the knots out of his hair on the way. Zelos was now thankful he hadn’t taken off his clothes as he opened the door leaning in the door frame with a smirk on his face, grinning at a –just as he figured –very irate Sheena.

“Why’d you lock the door? This is our room too?” She spat.

“Is it?” Zelos rubbed his chin contemplatively. “I wasn’t aware of that.”

“Who do you think paid for it, idiot Chosen?” She retorted, crossing her arms across her well endowed chest. Zelos stared at this action for a moment. Sheena glared at him catching his stare and turned away slightly.

With not even a sheepish smile at being caught he continued. “Perhaps, but it was me who got us such a good room. But I guess if you ask nicely, I could share it with you♥”

Sheena looked taken aback for a moment before just pushing the ‘idiot Chosen’ out of the way and entering the room. The rest of the group proceeded after her.

“Where’s Lloyd?” Genis asked, looking around the room and finding no trace of the brown-haired swordsman.

“Oh, he’s in the bathroom. Don’t worry about him.” Zelos answered flippantly shooing the mage off with a hand. Genis gave him a disgruntled look but said no more, retiring into the other adjoining room which also had a bedroom.

Sheena walked around the room, an interesting looking on her face. Zelos ignored it and flopped down on a couch in the large main room. “Something smells….off.” She said finally.

Zelos was stunned for about two seconds but got up from the couch again, walking over to the open door where the balcony was. “Damn…I was hoping the smell would’ve disappeared quicker with the sea breeze and all. Ah well, we did do it for a while after all…”

“WHAT???” This time Raine sputtered, coming in on a conversation at way the wrong moment.

“Oh she’s gone now, don’t worry yourself too much.” Zelos answered but that didn’t seem to be the answer to the question Raine had in mind.

“Just gotta take a slice out of every city, don’t you Zelos??” Sheena appeared again, possibly looking more furious than she did a moment ago.

“Awwww~ Don’t call my character into question, dear Sheena!” He crooned until there was a fist in his face. Zelos’ expression immediately changed to one of sultriness. “Why do you ask? Are you jealous♥?”

She slapped him, hard enough that Lloyd all the way in the bathroom heard. Now fully dressed and mildly cleaned off he listened against the door to the happenings in the other room. Deciding that Zelos had endured enough torture for creating the mess that had transpired between them that spawned the awful line of conversation in the other room Lloyd opened the door to find Genis sitting on the bed of the room joined to the bathroom.

“Oh, hey Genis. What’s going on?” He casually asked the mage who immediately perked up.

“Not a whole lot. The play was good!” He answered. Lloyd nodded and was about to head into the other room. “Wait! I wouldn’t go in there….Zelos and Sheena are having another fight.”

“That’s alright Genis; I’m partially to blame for the situation anyway.” Lloyd answered with a dark smirk that Genis believed resembled some of the looks he’d seen Zelos make.

“Huh?” The half-elf looked befuddled and Lloyd left his young friend in that state and entered the fray in the other room believing that maybe Zelos rubbing off on him wasn’t such a bad thing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

AN: Happy Valentines Day everyone! Sorry this is a little late. I started it on V Day I swear. I just can’t write anything in one sitting….With the exception of that one Death Note fic I did. Well this was a little fun. I really love working with Zelos and Lloyd is just plain cute. (Maybe I did that and now he’s out of character I really hope he’s okay) This was my first ToS fic and hopefully it went well. Now onto my harder project for Symphonia. Stay tuned and you might see a KratosxYuan fic (in like two months T_T) Mock Trial makes me so busy…..But it gives me a reason to yell “Objection!” with an actual reason and intention so it’s all good. Happy Belated Valentines Day everyone!
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