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Tales of Symphonia Scanslation Project

Hello, all. I'm Vyc, a member of the Lazy Scanslators (well, it's more of a joke. When we get a project, we'll make certain to get things done in a reasonable amount of time). We're a Tales of Symphonia scanslation group that's currently looking for material to scanslate. We had started translating the second Tales of Symphonia manga by Hitoshi Ichimura, but it turns out the webmaster of Mizuho has the first fifty-nine pages of the second manga scanslated. Whoops. So that sent us back to the drawing board.

Anyway, the point of this post is: does anyone have any Tales of Symphonia scans they'd like translated, aside from the second ToS manga by Hitoshi Ichimura? We're willing to translate doujinshi as well as official manga and 4Koma, as well. Just as a warning, though, to anyone who's bought doujinshi from Cherden--she will blacklist people who post scans from the doujin she sells and refuse to sell to them again (see the note she leaves at the end of every auction), so make sure that you want to risk doing that if you want us to scanslate something from a doujin you bought from her.

An example of a good, legible scan would be this. The upper left-hand panel on this page, on the other hand, is too hard to read. The ideal scanning level would be about 200-300 dpi, if possible. 72 dpi is usually good for web graphics display, but we don't want to see just the graphics--we need to be able to see the text, and 200-300 dpi will do the job.

If you have something for us to scan, please don't pester us every day asking if we've done your scanslation yet; if you have a deadline for whatever reason, tell us and we'll see if we can do it; if we end up with too many projects for whatever reason, we will put incoming commissions on hold.

That's all, I think. Thanks for reading!

(Crossposted to tales_symphonia, meltokio, and symphonia_slash--sorry for the repeated posts!)
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