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I just had the sudden, violent urge to abandon you

I totally want to swagger in doing my best Zelos impressions. "What's up, hunnies?" XD. Anyway.

What you wanna be called: Stephanie
Age: 19... Same age as Sheena! FTW!
Favorite ToS character: I... basically love all the playable characters. Seriously. They all rule, for different reasons. Currently my favorite is Presea ("...die!") but it changes hourly.
Least favorite ToS character: Vharley and Rodyle. Remiel too. Bleeeech.
Favorite pairing: o_O OK. So I'm a weird one. I like Lloyd/Collete, Lloyd/Sheena, Zelos/Collete, Zelos/Collete... Basically I find all of them interesting, if the writing is good. Wouldn't object to threesomes either. Hahaha. =P Also like Regal/Alicia (if she's more than a cipher), Presea/Collete (Leavemealone...), Lloyd/Zelos... I like gen, too. Any well written gen out there? Haven't found anyone to pair up with awesomeness that is Raine, though. I'm sure there are others that intrigue me, but I'm gonna shut up now.
Least favorite: ...*shrug* I tend to not read fics about characters/pairings that don't involve the playable characters, but it's not because I dislike them, exactly. *Rolls eyes at self*
Writer?: Yep! I'm working on one now. (By working I mean "thinking and pondering it, but not actually commiting the writing to my laptop. I mean, who _does_ that?")
Artist?: Heh, once upon a time. Now I'm lucky if my stick figures look ok.
Stalker?: MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Um. Never!
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